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Frequency Adjustments

Alchemy is the process of matching one's Earthly 'bodies' to the frequency of an individual's Higher Self.  Alchemy is rarely an instant process.  Just as thermal expansion can permanently damage an object, so too can premature (or excessive) exposure to 'higher frequencies' short out one's nervous system, or in many

Wealth, Class & Nobility of Spirit

Our world's social conventions are, by & large, egoic inventions.  I did not use the term 'creations', for the ego cannot create anew, merely change, modify or adapt (Truly 'distort') true creations.  Entropy is Truth for the ego.  Much of our societal, political & cultural stratifications & distinctions are invented/

Price, Cost & Value

In this essay, I cover my meaning of a few common business/financial words.  While I am officially a business school graduate, I do not pretend to represent the textbook definitions of these terms.  I make use of terms as is convenient to my purposes in conveying esoteric/spiritual concepts,

Art: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, or Alchemy: ELI5

We are all artists.  This function cannot be avoided.  Everything in life is Art, with varying degrees of quality & impact.  We are creative beings by nature & practice.  Our energies are all manifestations of the Primordial (Divine) Creative energy.  Even Science recognizes that all is, at its core, diverse

Corruption vs. Integration

Corruption.  The central function of the Death process (Hail Shiva!).  Restated, corruption is simply the decay of Integration.  Integration aka Integrity (think structural integrity) is best described in the phrase, "everything in its proper place".  Corruption: "Things are not as they appear."  Corruption is portrayed theologically in the classic apple-serpent