By Joshua Kuebler

Threads of Joy

In this essay, I shall introduce the basic procedure for entering the lifestyle of Joy & Intuition, in contrast to the more commonplace 'rationally' worrisome approach.  How exactly does Joy propel us through Time & Space, if we are to release ourselves from the pinball reactions of security & safety-focused

Worry vs. Intuition: Reading the Signs

What does Worry feel like?  What does Inner Guidance feel like?  We must become intimate with these sensations and their associated manifestations, if we wish to avoid wasting our time & energy chasing rabbits instead of making real progress.  The first and most obvious distinction between True Intuition and that

The Challenges of Retirement

aka Learning to Treat Time as an Asset The average individual, pre-retirement, is (thankfully, for their own peace of mind) unaware of just how much time, and therefore Life, they are wasting on a daily basis.  Once one enters the realm of retirement, early or otherwise, this situation becomes blaringly

Anger as Friend

Anger is a part of our internal energetic boundary alarm system.  Whenever we are low on energy (not specifically 'physical' energy here. Truly sexual energy, but that has a lot of connotations and is not well understood. Future essays will clarify.), our tolerances begin decreasing, and, in healthier individuals, as