Mental & emotional instability, from an esoteric perspective, are a result of a build-up of under-tapped energy, specifically 'sexual' energy, by which I mean that energy which is roughly (mis)understood as 'Qi/Chi' in popular imagination.  This is more technically energy granted us from 'Higher' dimensions of our own Selves, at first primarily (or even soley) through the 'sexual center' or 'sacral chakra' (here I am speaking of the most common situation, obviously exceptions abound).  Over time, if one practices cultivation correctly & successfully, this energy flows from other energy centers as well (or chakras... although I hesitate to empty this word, as the concepts involved are generally quite misunderstood).  Each center imbibes a specific 'flavor' to this basic energy as it travels through, the sexual center being the least polished, most distorted (flavored), and also the least subtle (easter detected & manipulated) of the centers.  The subtler the flavor, the least distortion, and the less physically-dominated the energy appears.  Getting back to instability, unfortunately this first center to be awakened is also the most destabilizing by flavor to our whole person (when unchecked).  Controlling the energy from this center is difficult, with most individuals (subconsciously-driven, consciously-decided) opting to waste/drain it (as quickly and as often as possible), so as to regain a semblance of inner tranquility and control.  This approach however is fraught with certain peril, suffice it to state that it is not the preferred method to employ.  The pursuit of creative projects & outlets, on the other hand, 'uses' this energy without depleting it.

Channeling sexual energy into artistic creation makes perfect sense when you consider that this is precisely the means of human conception.  The esoteric lights in you mind are probably beginning to flicker, go ahead and take five to let the previous statement sink in.  Creativity is the birthing of a new 'thing' into the world, always requiring sexual energy (if not consent) from someone's Higher Self.  This energy can be obtained 'lawfully', that is in accordance with Nature's precepts & desires, or through substantially violent methods of enslavement & torture, which is the fundamental 'secret' of Black Magic.  Don't get me wrong, Black Magic works.  You get what you pay for however, and stealing from others to 'pay the bills' always ends in a terribly disastrous manner.

We become 'crazy' in any plain meaning of the term when we are not sufficiently exercising our creative muscles.  As this energy seeks an outlet, we often hand it away to others, often by 'obligation'.  Reclaim your power (sexual energy) and begin applying it to solve the challenges you face in life, instead of causing them to grow more unwieldy by the hour.  Sex is a powerful force, the strongest element in our physical existence.  As a topic, it has, like most subjects, become mired in a swamp of false concepts, idea(l)s, shames, guilts and the like.  We cannot know Ourselves without a great deal of Growth in this field.

I feel this essay represents a proper introduction to the topic of sexual energy.  Go look into Tantric writings to get a general idea of what I am getting at herein.  Sure, there's a lot of confusion (and misdirection) in many of them.  I'll provide more clarity for general consumption in future essays.